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Tri-Axial Accelerometer Module ----INST-31T1*--- $Call
*P/N:  RAY-SA-T1K, Formerly Tri-axial Accelerometer Sensor Package


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Brian Tacke 540-374-1000 x118

Tri-Axial Accelerometer Module

The Tri-axial Accelerometer Sensor Module contains three accelerometers orthogonally mounted in a rugged molded package with dimensions of approximately 1” by 1” by 0.75”. 

The Tri-Axial Accelerometer Sensor Module has a mounting plate with four clearance holes for #4 mounting bolts.

The accelerometers have greater than 5 KHz bandwidth and operate on 5 Volts input.  External electrical connections are made using the wiring harness integral to the unit.

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome. 


Tri-Axial Accelerometer Module INST-31T1* ---------------------------------------------$Call
Other Features: 
  • Mounting Plate
*P/N:  RAY-SA-T1K, Formerly Tri-axial Accelerometer Sensor Package