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Product No: INST-45

Slice Data Acquisition Module shown above.  Price is per module.

Syntronics Slice Data Collection System, shown with a Data Control Module and three Slice Data Acquisition Modules above.

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SLICE LSA Data Acquisition Module

The Data Collection System was originally developed to be mounted in the chest cavity of a crash test dummy, called Data Collection for Dummies (D4D).  It recorded crash test data from a plethora of sensors without a huge bundle of wires.  The new DCS is a high precision instrument, with 16 bit differential inputs collected at 40,000 samples per second. It is built as a modular assembly of data acquisition modules (slices), controlled by a single control module.  A built-in GPS receiver provides precise time synchronization.  It has been extensively tested by a US ARMY laboratory, and was found to be equal or superior to laboratory data collection systems that occupy an entire equipment rack.  The DCS is unsurpassed for field test data collection. What once required an entire van full of signal conditioning equipment can now be replaced by one small box that fits comfortably inside a lady’s handbag.  Although the DCS can be powered externally, it includes a rechargeable battery pack and data storage contained in the INST-44 Data Control Module (DCM), sold separately.  Five LSA Data Acquisition Modules will run continuously on the internal batteries contained in an INST-44 DCM for 20 minutes.  

The INST-45 Low Speed Analog (LSA) Slice Data Acquisition Module (DAM) offers 24 channels of data recording capacity at 40,000 samples per second and 16 bit resolution.  As few as one and as many as five DAMs can be stacked together and controlled by a single Data Control Module (DCM) sold separately.  For maximum flexibility, the gain, offset, and sample rate of all 24 channels of each slice are software controlled. The DCS can be programmed and the stored data read via an Ethernet link.  Over 5 minutes of data can be stored internally. Data can also be transmitted, in real time as it is digitized, though the Ethernet link.

Applications requiring greater recording rates will require INST-46 High Speed Analog (HSA) Slice Acquisition Data Acquisition Module (DAM) which offers 1,000,000 samples per second recording capacity at 16 bit resolution.