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Shock Test Facility

Our shock testing facility allows us to test electronics and projectile structural components up to 60,000 Gs. Our four inch bore air cannon is instrumented with pressure gages and laser velocity measuring equipment at 8 points down the length of the barrel which allows fine tuning of the impact velocity. On-Board accelerometers accurately record 3-axis g-loads at 50,000 samples per second. A wide range of pulse shaping is possible.

Our specially designed shock test carriers can handle payloads up to 3.5 inches in diameter. Our high capacity air reservoir enables even heavy payloads to be accelerated to over 400 ft/sec.

Data analysis takes a matter of minutes, so it is possible to conduct a test shot, analyze the data, then make subsequent test shots based upon those results.  We are set up to be fast, inexpensive, and flexible. Our engineers have years of experience in shock testing.

We can conduct as many as 8 shots per day. A four shot minimum is required with pricing calculated on a per-shot basis.

Payloads must be completely contained in a canister provided to Syntronics. Syntronics will manufacture carriers and will mount test canisters into the carrier for testing. Syntronics can quickly adapt or design and manufacture a carrier to accommodate most payloads in our in-house machine shop.



Syntronics’ Shock Testing Services

Maximum Acceleration: 60,000 Gs

Maximum Test Article Diameter: 3.5 inches

Standard Data:
Pressure: ±0.5 psi
Velocity:  ±2 m/s
Acceleration: ± 50 Gs with 20 KG accelerometers     
±200 Gs with 60 KG accelerometers
Sampling Rate: 50,000 samples per second