Interdisciplinary resources required for success






Electronics Engineering

Syntronics specializes in the design and development of sophisticated electro-mechanical systems.  Our engineers have extensive experience and an impressive track record of state-of-the-art advancements.  Many are recognized experts in their specialties.  To aid in the development process, Syntronics invests in a variety of automated development tools that are routinely used by all of our engineers.  

Computer Engineering

Many of the products we build require development of custom miniature computers capable of surviving in harsh environments.  Since our computers must record tens of thousands of samples per second at 16 bit resolution, special purpose proprietary operation systems have been developed to make this possible.  Compact systems capable of 1,000,000 samples per second at 16 bit resolution are now on our drawing board.

Mechanical Engineering

We have strong capabilities in mechanical engineering related to packaging and high-G structural analysis.  Most of our products are designed to be shot from a gun and are capable of surviving a 20,000 G launch.  Some of our computers have survived shock levels above 50,000 G’s.  All of our mechanical systems are designed and developed in-house using 3-D CAD software tools.


We maintain relationships with numerous specialty engineering houses in areas of antennas, stereo lithography, aerodynamics, GPS receivers, high speed machinery, and test facilities.  These relationships provide access to the best specialty engineering talent in America.  This extends our technological reach, thereby providing our customers with extensive value.


, VA Facility

We designed our facility from the ground–up to suit our specific needs.  This 11,000 sq. ft. building was built in 2007 and contains numerous specialty engineering laboratories and shops, as well as offices and conference rooms. Our property holdings allow for the addition of two more comparably sized buildings at our Fredericksburg location.

Specialty Laboratories

     Our specialty laboratories include:





We have a fully equipped electronics lab with oscilloscopes, special purpose computers, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, GPS simulators, power supplies and meters.  We have a BGA assembly machine for installation of sophisticated micro-processors.  

Laser and Optics




Our optics lab allows development and experimentation with many optical componemts.  This laboratory was useful in developing semi-active laser seekers. 

Hardware in the Loop




Our hardware-in-the-loop lab is used to test many guidance and control components and systems.  It supports sophisticated multi-disciplinary testing of micro-processor based electro-mechanical systems.

Camera Assembly




Specialty camera development and manufacture is a key part of our business.  This lab is where day cameras are converted into night vision devices.  It features clean room and other work fully equipt stations to manufacture high-performance cameras and optics.






Detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints is one of our specialties.  These are some of most sophisticated cameras that we build.  Our forensic laboratory is where we demonstrate and experiment with the latest software and techniques for fingerpring detection.  Our finger-print detection software is always being improved.

Machine Shop




Our newly established machine shop includes Haas CNC machines, material test equipment, anodizing center, and numerous other machine tools.  This allows us to offer very rapid turn processing for our customers, not previously available.

Electronics Encapsulation (Potting)




We are experts at potting electronics to survive high-G environments.  Most of our electronics are capable of withstanding a 20,000 G gun launch.  Some of our recorders have been tested and survived 56,000 G’s.


 Shock Test Facility




Our newly implemented shock testing facility allows us to test electronics and projectile structural components up to 60,000 Gs.  Specially designed test projectile carriers can handle payloads up to 4.00" in diameter.  A wide range of pulse shaping is possible.  The air cannon is fully instrumented with pressure gages and laser velocity measuring equipment.  On-Board accelerometers accurately record 3-axis g-loads at a rate of thousands of samples per second.  We can conduct as many as 8 shots per day.  Pricing is on a per shot basis.  Call for pricing.