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Product No: INST-19D


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Brian Tacke 540-374-1000 x118

Rear Looking BLU-FUZE

The Rear Looking BLU (Ballistics Logging Unit)-Fuze Telemetry  family of flight instrumentation provides an extensive selection of very high shock (60,000G) sensors to measure in-bore and in-flight performance of high velocity EM projectiles. All Rear Looking BLU-Fuze configurations include an integrated 1/4 watt S-Band telemetry transmitter, antenna, and radome which relays the measured data to a ground station.  

All of the Rear Looking BLU-Fuze models include all power and signal processing electronics in a structurally robust housing, a 100msec look back buffer to capture in-bore data, and an external control interface connector for testing and ON/OFF control. 

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome.
    • Diameter: 1.329 inches 
    • Length with Radome: 2.820 inches
    *Customized packaging can be provided upon request. 
    Operating Temperature Range:
    • ≤40Fº to  ≥90Fº  At time of launch
    *If a higher or lower operating temperature is required, please specify at the time of the order and the delivered units will be tested and certified prior to delivery.
    Telemetry Transmitter:
    • Carrier Frequency: S-Band, 2.205GHz to 2.295GHz, user specified at the time of order in 500kHz increments
    • Carrier Frequency Accuracy:  ±50 ppm all causes
    • RF Power Output: ≥0.25 watts, typical 
    • Data Rate: 2Mbit/sec 
    • Data Encoding Format: Standard format is Biφ-L, R-NRL on request
    High-G Three Axis Accelerometer
    • Range: 0 to 60,000Gs  
    • Resolution: 12 bits
    • Frequency Range: 50kHz, filtered  
    • Update Rate: 64ks/sec for 100msec after detection of acceleration, continually interleaved with the data stream during the flight.
    Low-G Three Axis Accelerometer
    • Range: 0 to ±16Gs
    • Resolution: ≤0.1G
    • Update Rate: 1ks/sec 
    • Frequency Range: 200Hz
    Three axis magnetometer
    • Spin Rate Accuracy: ≤ 0.01Hz* (flight path not within ±10 degrees of magnetic North or South)*  
    • Attitude Precision:  ≥1 degree magnetic, typical  
    • Update Rate: 1ks/sec  
    *Depends on the accuracy of the data reduction computer clock

    Standard Configuration:

    • S-Band Telemetry Transmitter and Antenna
    • Signal Conditioning Electronics
    • High-G three axis accelerometer for in-bore shocks and high end accelerations (50kHz)
    • Low-G three axis accelerometer for in-flight accelerations (200Hz)
    • Three axis magnetometer for measuring spin rate and attitude
    • One Battery Pack
    • Decoding Software