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Product No: NV-2

NV-2A  Min-I-Cam 1 - $Call -Compact, Gen II intensified, single piece camera. 
No gating or gain control. 
NV-2B  Min-I-Cam 2 - $Call -Compact, Gen II XD-4 intensified, single piece camera
with external gain control.
NV-2C Min-I-Cam 3 - $Call -Compact, Gen III intensified, single piece camera
with external gain control. 
NV-2D Min-I-Cam 4 - $Call -Compact, Gen IV intensified, single piece camera with autogating. 
No external gain control. 
NV-2E Min-I-Cam UV - $Call -Compact, S20 Gen II intensified, single piece camera


For more information contact:

Mike Thorsted 540-374-1000 x114


The Min-I-Cam is an extremely compact, intensified, single piece camera that is ideal for covert surveillance applications (day or night). It has a custom image intensifier wired for gating and external gain control, a gate drive amplifier that switches the photocathode on and off, and an autogate circuit that controls gating and gain of the intensifier. Intensifier gate width and gain can also be manually controlled. The Min-I-Cam is available with a Gen II, Gen II XD-4, Gen III, Gen IV or UV intensifier.

The Min-I-Cam is small and light - it weighs only 12 ounces and is only 3.85" x 2" x 2.65"!

The lens interface is 1” C-Mount. A lens is not included with the camera.

Available options include:
  1. An S-20 photocathode for shifting the intensifier response into the UV spectrum (180nm to 830nm response).
  2. A Gen IV image intensified Min-I Cam.


   Min-I-Cam 2 (Gen II)    Min-I-Cam 3 (Gen III)
Intensifier Type:            DEP XX2050 (XD-4), P-43 phosphor           ITT FS9911C, P-43 phosphor
Spectral Sensitivity: 350nm to 920nm   400nm to 940nm
Luminous Gain (2850ºK): 30,000 typ. to 50,000 max   50,000 typ. to 80,000 max
Gate Modes: Auto, internal, external   Auto, internal, external
Gate Width: 20ns to 34ms (up to 300kHz rep. rate)   20ns to 34ms (up to 20kHz rep. rate)
Gain Control: Zero to max gain (0-10V input)   Zero to max gain (0-10V input)
5 x 10-5 lux full video, 1 x 10-6 lux useable video   1 x 10-5 lux full video, 5 x 10-7 lux useable video


 CCD Camera   Miscellaneous
CCD Type :
Interline transfer                    Input Power:
12 VDC, nominal 150mA
Sony ICX-258 (1/3" format)   Camera Size 98mm x 51mm x 67mm
CCD Pixels: 768(H) x 494(V)   Camera Weight: 0.35kg
Noise Figure: >50dB   Controller Size: 215mm x 165mm x 63mm
Output Signal: RS-170 (NTSC)   Lens Mount: 1” format, C-Mount with back focus adjustment
 Sync: Genlock or crystal controlled      
VD and HD:           
TTL level, Connect to any VCR or frame grabber  
UV Sensitivity: S-20 photocathode for UV (180-830nm response)      
Control Box: Modes-auto, internal, external gating, 135mm x 64mm x 79mm      
Battery: Battery operated (12V) for remote applications      
Min-I-Cam 1: Gen II with no gating, no gain control      
Min-I-Cam 4: Gen IV Intensifier