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LatentMasterTM 16MP Workstation FS-1

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LatentMaster 16MP Workstation

The new LatentMasterTM 16MP (16 megapixel) Workstation is the most advanced electronic latent fingerprint workstation in the world.  This system features the new Syntronics 16MP Digital RUVIS camera with sensitivity from the deep UV, through the Visible and into the near IR spectrum.  With over 16 megapixels of resolution and sensitivity from 254nm to 1100nm, the 16MP can easily capture a full handprint at 1000 PPI (pixels per inch) resolution.  No more looking for a latent fingerprint with a handheld RUVIS and then blindly photographing the evidence with a UV film camera in order to get a high resolution image.  The LatentMasterTM 16MP will digitally capture a high resolution UV image electronically and display it in real time.  Finally, what you see is what you get, and you can actually have the same resolution in the UV spectrum as you’d have with a UV film camera - true HD quality.

Every aspect of the LatentMasterTM 16MP Workstation has been carefully designed to provide the best latent examination system available.  It begins with the camera and continues with the computer - The LatentMasterTM 16MP Workstation is hosted on an all-in-one computer, with a massive 27 inch, 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution monitor.  This display is the perfect complement to the 16MP Digital RUVIS camera.  With a state of the art computer, high sensitivity solid state video camera, and software written specifically for processing latent fingerprints, the LatentMasterTM 16MP Workstation is able to provide consistent sensitivity and sharpness in the UV, visible and IR spectrums.

The LatentMasterTM 16MP isn’t just for fingerprints - the large field of view, high resolution, and RUVIS capability provide an unequaled document examination capability that goes far beyond the old, UV orange light box examination.  Erased text, marked over text, altered writing, and added writing can often only be seen outside of the visible spectrum – and can be captured with the LatentMasterTM 16MP.

The unparalleled LatentMasterTM software has been improved to include many new features.  A search feature has been added. Process Images can now be cropped and resized, while the original image is automatically saved in both LatentMaster’sTM IMG format as well as TIFF.  The processing menus have been streamlined and Help has been improved.

The new LatentMasterTM 16MP Workstation will:
  • Capture 16 megapixel 1000 PPI photo quality digital images, even in the UV spectrum at 254nm.
  • Examine latent fingerprints, documents, body fluids, hair, fibers and other forensic evidence in real-time over a broad spectrum, from UV to Visible to IR, using a variety of light sources and filters.
  • Digitally enhance latent fingerprints with the most powerful latent fingerprint enhancement software on the market.  Many latent fingerprints that were formerly discarded as “unusable” can be made identifiable.
  • Significantly reduce the time required to lift, photograph, and print latent fingerprints to scale.
  • Automatically document, save, record, and play back each step of the enhancement process for complete traceability.


The LatentMasterTM 16MP Workstation is sold as a complete workstation and includes:
  • Apple iMac All-In-One Computer, 3.1GHz, 4GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive, with a 27 inch, 2560 by 1440 pixel display, a wireless mouse and keyboard running Windows®7.
  • Syntronics 16MP Digital RUVIS camera, with 16 Megapixel resolution able to image a 4.9” by 3.3” area with 1000 PPI resolution from 254nm to 1100nm.
  • 36” Camera Stand
  • 78mm UV Lens
  • Dual Band 254/365nm UV Lamp
  • 254nm Bandpass Filter
  • 365nm Bandpass Filter
  • Glass Filter Set, which includes a 445nm Blue Filter,  OG 550 Orange Filter, 695nm IR Filter, and a 830nm IR Filter
  • 3 Watt LED Lamp Set:  850nm IR, Red, Green, Blue, 365nm UV