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UV Viewer Kit FS-2

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LatentMaster UV Viewer (RUVIS) Kit

Small and battery operated, the LatentMaster UV Viewer is easy to take to the crime scene. Real time UV viewing means that the crime scene can be quickly and thoroughly searched for latent fingerprints or trace evidence visible only in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Clearly identifiable latent fingerprints seen with the UV Viewer can be photographed with an optional digital camera through the UV Viewer. Items of evidence discovered with the LatentMaster UV Viewer, but requiring greater resolution, can be lifted at the crime scene with the LatentMaster Rugged Mobile Workstation, or brought to the laboratory and lifted with the LatentMaster Laboratory Workstation, or chemically treated to allow photographing the latent fingerprint in the visible spectrum.

The LatentMaster UV Viewer is assembled using a custom designed low distortion UV lens designed specifically for imaging fingerprints in the UV spectrum, a custom manufactured image intensifier tube, and full 25mm diameter optical filters for unsurpassed performance. It comes complete with a rugged Pelican™ case, 254nm filter, 365nm filter, battery operated 254nm UV lamp with built in 110V battery charger, 12 volt cigarette lighter charger, safety glasses, and detailed instructions.

A digital camera with mounting bracket or a video camera with mounting bracket are available as options.


LatentMaster UV Viewer (RUVIS) Specifications:

Spectral Sensitivity:
Luminous Gain (2850ºK):   
Gain (Internal Adjustment):        
Lens Mount:   
Batteries (Viewer):  
Viewer Size/Weight:
254nm UV to Visible to IR
22,000 typ. to 28,000 max
Zero to max gain, 20 turn pot
1" format, C-Mount w/ back focus adj.
2 AA alkaline batteries
242mm x 55mm x 178mm, 1.2 kg

Included as Standard in the Viewer Kit:

Optical Filters:
UV Lamp:
Lamp Battery Charger:      
Eye Protection:
Weight (entire kit):
254nm Bandpass Filter, 365nm Bandpass Filter
Selectable 6W-12W 254nm, with rechargeable batteries
Built in 110V charger, 12 volt Cigarette Lighter Charger
Clear UV Protective Glasses
Rugged Carry-On Size Pelican® Case, 21cm by 32cm by 56cm  

LatentMaster UV Viewer Kit Options:

            Optional Digital Camera:         
Type:            Canon Powershot S5-IS*                        
Resolution:    8 megapixel
Focus:          Automatic and manual
Zoom:          12x optical, 4x digital
LCD:             2.5" silicon TFT
          Optional Video Camera:
Type:                Sony XC-ST70 interline transfer*
Sensor:             Sony ICX-082, 2/3" format
CCD Pixels:        768(H) x 494(V)
Output Signal:    RS-170 (NTSC)
Sensitivity:         0.05 lux

*Subject to Change Without Notice