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LatentMaster Software

LatentMaster™ software is the most powerful digital image enhancement software available. Over and over again, LatentMaster™ software has been shown to make a formerly unusable latent fingerprint identifiable.

Unlike commercial digital image enhancement products, LatentMaster™ software has NO drawing routines, and the chain of evidence is preserved from the time of importing the latent fingerprint image to the final enhanced fingerprint. There is NO question in court that the enhanced fingerprint has been altered to fit a suspect.

Digital image enhancement of latent fingerprints is accepted in court and has been instrumental in the identification, arrest, and conviction of many criminals who would have otherwise not been identified.

LatentMaster™ Software was developed specifically for fingerprint enhancement by a team of knowledgeable software engineers. This software was designed to be simple to learn and easy to use yet it incorporates the most powerful tools available for the image enhancement of latent fingerprints, such as fully interactive kernel filtering and fully interactive Fourier filtering, with a comprehensive set of Fourier Filters.

Unlike many other latent fingerprint image enhancement software that has “Wizards” that allow a user to easily make a fingerprint “clearer”,  LatentMaster™ software has a comprehensive set of image enhancement processes developed specifically for the enhancement of latent fingerprints. LatentMaster™ image processing has, in numerable cases, produced a clearly identifiable latent fingerprint from a formerly unusable latent fingerprint. 

Unquestionably, Fourier Filtering is the single most powerful tool for the image enhancement of latent fingerprints. LatentMaster™ has an unequaled Fourier filtering capability, with fine controls on all of the filter parameters. The Fourier filtering is near real time and interactive - you see the results as you perform the process.  

To ensure complete traceability and to preserve the chain of evidence, every processing step is recorded in a log file. This file can be Undone and Redone, repeating the processing steps on the original latent print to show exactly what was done and the effect of each process on the latent print. The Undo and Redo file is stored along with the processed latent fingerprint and can be recalled and executed even after the processed latent fingerprint has been archived.

File handling is simple and automatic. You cannot accidentally overwrite the original latent fingerprint image. A complete log of every processing step is automatically generated - no question in court about what was done. This entire log can be Undone and Redone at any time, repeating the processing on the original latent. Since any process performed can be "Undone" at the click of a mouse, there is no fear of making an unrecoverable error and ruining the previous work. Of course, this powerful software runs in Windows®98/2000/XP/7.
Hardcopy output can be produced by any Windows® compatible printer at any scale, from 1:1 to the full size of the paper. Scaling is internal to the LatentMaster™ software - if a ruler or object of known size is in the image, the exact scale can quickly be set in software. With LatentMaster™ software there is no need to adjust the camera distance to set the scale - a significant time saving feature. 
LatentMaster™ is by far and away the fastest, most powerful image enhancement software for latent fingerprints available at any price.

LatentMaster™ Software (FS-3)-------------------------------$Call

System Requirements:
Windows®98/2000/XP/7, Processor: 1GHz or higher