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LatentMaster Rugged Mobile Workstation FS-5

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LatentMaster Rugged Mobile Workstation

For the first time, everything you need to process a crime scene is available in a convenient carry-on size Pelican® case. The LatentMaster Mobile Fingerprint Workstation includes the new state-of-the-art LatentMaster Blue USB camera with UV lens, LatentMaster software, netbook computer, and various filters and lamps.  The camera is a highly sensitive, solid state video camera. The Mobile LatentMaster Fingerprint Workstation spans the spectrum from 320nm ultraviolet to 1100 nm infrared, giving you the ability to locate, collect and document many types of evidence that are visible at different wavelengths.

LatentMaster Software - powerful image enhancement and processing capabilities
Written specifically for processing latent fingerprints, this one of a kind software is easy to learn and comes with a user-friendly tutorial. Latentmaster has a comprehensive set of image enhancement processes developed specifically for latent fingerprints, such as Brightness/Contrast, Kernel Filtering, Unsharp Filtering, Histogram Equalization, Fourier Processing, and many more. Most of these processes are near real time and interactive, allowing you to see the results as you perform the process.

In many cases, LatentMaster software produces a clearly identifiable latent fingerprint from a formerly unusable one. To ensure complete traceability and to preserve the chain of evidence, every processing step is recorded in a log file. This file can be Undone and Redone, repeating the processing steps on the original latent print to show exactly what was done and the effect of each process on the latent print. LatentMaster will detect more latent prints than any other electronic video imaging system, will significantly reduce the time required to process latent prints, and will result in more identifiable latent prints. LatentMaster is by far the fastest, most powerful image enhancement system available at any price.

The LatentMaster Rugged Mobile Workstation, packaged in a rugged Pelican® case, is easy to pack up because there are compartments for all the different components. The camera slides along an arm that is attached to the Pelican® case, allowing you to move it to various heights for different fields of view. The camera stand folds down out of the case, but remains attached. The netbook computer is lightweight yet is big enough to type on comfortably. There are several different filters and lamps, maximizing your chances of locating and documenting various forms of trace evidence that fluoresce or become visible at different wavelengths.


System  Components

Camera and Optics:
  • LatentMaster USB IR/VIS/UV Camera, 1.2MP
  • 50 mm UV Lens
  • 3 watt, 365nm (UV) LED lamp
  • 3 watt, 455nm (Blue) LED lamp
  • 3 watt, 525nm (Green) LED lamp
  • 3 watt, 625nm (Red) LED lamp
  • 3 watt, 850nm (IR) LED lamp
Optical Filters:
  • UG-5 Broad Bandpass UV filter
  • 365nm UV Bandpass Filter 
  • 445nm Luminol Filter 
  • OG 550 Filter
  • 695nm IR Filter
  • 830nm IR Filter
Computer and Software:
  • 11.6" Netbook Computer
  • LatentMaster software and manual
  • Rugged Pelican® Case
  • Integrated Camera Stand and Table
  • One 12" Flexible Lamp Holder
Other Components:
  • 2 Pair UV Safety Goggles
  • Wireless mouse
  • Netbook battery charger
  • Two 110/220V lamp battery chargers
  • One 12V lamp battery charger
  • One 12V  to 110V inverter
  • One Storage Bag
As an option, the Rugged Mobile Workstation can be purchased with the 16MP Digital RUVIS IR/VIS/UV Camera in lieu of the 1.2MP Camera
(components subject to change)