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Product No: GSD-4C

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Gen 4 GEU with Data Link Transceiver

Originally part of the DSALS development effort, the Gen4 GEU represents the state-of-the-art in guidance electronics.  The Gen4 GEU is powered by powerful ARM Cortex A9 processors with integrated vector floating point support operating at up to 800 MHz, and paired with Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM.  The available processing power readily supports the implementation of complex guidance algorithms and overall system flight control and management functions within a realtime operating system environment.   Gen4 GEUs can be packaged in a variety of configurations without compromising performance and features, including the very compact version utilized in the DSALS which can support packaging as small as 40mm diameter.  The Gen4 GEUs have also been shock tested to greater than 30,000 g’s and have small power consumption, making them the ideal platform for a variety of guidance applications.

Building upon the concept for very small, low power and high performance guidance electronics, the Gen4 GEU with Data Link Transceiver offers an extremely powerful and compact guidance computer solution that integrates a robust, two-way, Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver that can be used to implement streaming downlink telemetry, or packet based up/down data links to support telemetry, status updates, and guidance data updates from a base station.  The SDR can be programmed to support ISM, S-Band or C-Band frequencies and can support data links up to 10 Mbits/s, making this a very capable guidance computer platform for a variety of applications.


Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome.


  • Package: Can be packaged into 40mm diameter body
  • Includes metal housing, connectors, and qualified battery pack
  • Gun launch qualified to 35,000 Gs
*Customized packaging can be provided upon request. 
Operating Temperature Range:
  • 10Fº to 160Fº  At time of launch*  
*If a higher or lower operating temperature is required, please specify at the time of the order and the delivered units will be tested and certified prior to delivery.
Guidance Computer:
  • 800 MHz double precision floating point DSP
  • 256KB to 256 MB RAM
  • 32 MB Flash Memory
  • Serial I/O (SPI, UART ,I2C)
  • Digital Discrete I/O
Data Link Transceiver:
  • Gen4 GEU + Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Entire S-Band coverage, options for C-Band or Dual S/C Band operation
  • Output power option .25 W to 2+W with current transmitter designs
  • ~1.9 sq. inches
  • Full duplex operation with C/S Band or S/S Band with BAW filter, or half duplex at  1 – 10 Mbps (theoretical limits higher)
  • Power consumption : ~3Watts base power + RF TX power
  • Enhanced range via DSSS option
  • Data integrity through FEC or FEC+(Turbocode)
  • Data security through optional encryption, optional frequency hopping/agility
  • Capable of hosting system software to support a fully integrated system (nominal 600 MHz dual precision floating point DSP available for system tasks)