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Product No: GSD-3

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Gen 3 GEU

The Syntronics Gen3 GEU is a guidance computer solution offering an excellent feature set at a modest price point.    At the core of the Gen3 GEU is the proven ARM-9 processor with double precision floating point support that simplifies the translation of floating point guidance algorithms models into flight code.  Multiple RAM and flash memory options allow for tailoring the GEU with the required resources allowing for potential reductions in power consumption through reduced parts count when smaller amounts of storage are sufficient.  Gen3 GEU designs also offer a robust set of digital interfaces, including general purpose I/O, serial ports including SPI, UART, and I2C, and capture-compare ports to support capturing realtime events externally interfaced hardware.   Analog support includes multiple 12-bit ADC and DAC channels support.   Gen3 GEUs have been integrated into multiple 155mm and mortar projectiles in both potted and un-potted configurations and have been successfully demonstrated at launch accelerations greater than 20 KG.   

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome.


  • Package: Can be packaged into 3-inch diameter body
  • Includes metal housing, connectors, and qualified battery pack
  • Gun launch qualified to 20,000 Gs
*Customized packaging can be provided upon request. 
Operating Temperature Range:
  • 10Fº to 160Fº  At time of launch*  
*If a higher or lower operating temperature is required, please specify at the time of the order and the delivered units will be tested and certified prior to delivery.
  • ARM-9 Floating Point DSP Core, 266 MHz, 512Kbytes RAM, 16Mb Flash, options 4 - 32 Mbytes DRAM or 1Mb-2Mb SRAM
  • Native Double Precision IEEE Floating Point (64 bits), 266 MFLOPS
  • Analog IO support with 4 @ 10-Bit A/D converters, 7 @ 12-bit A/D converters (32Ksamples/S), 4 @ 12-Bit D/A
  • Digital I/O with 7 PWM channels, capture compare ports, discrete digital
  • Asynchronous communications ports (UARTS), 4 @ 1 Mbaud, 3 @ 500 kBaud
  • Synchronous communications ports, SPI
  • Sensor Package Options:
  •      GPS Receiver (C/A or support for interfaces to SAASM GPS Receivers
  •      3-Axis magnetometer
  •      3-Axis accelerometers
  •      32 MB Flash Memory
  •      Pitch/Yaw rate sensors
  • CAS Interface Options (Servo Motor Driver(s), Digital or Serial Communications Interfaces
  • Optional telemetry interface with Manchester encoder, FEC