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Product No: GSD-5

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DSALS Semi-Active Laser Guidance System

DSALS is a revolutionary step in semi- active laser seeker technology that pushes the technology envelope on multiple fronts, establishing new baselines for small size and low power consumption, while expanding seeker capabilities and processing resources. DSALS operates from a single power supply and consumes less than 4 Watts total for the entire seeker function, including the additional processing support available for hosted software applications*. The DSALS hardware provides robust hardware support for the implementation of sophisticated laser spot tracking and de-clutter algorithms, and was designed to support current and anticipated future enhancements in laser designation techniques. Beyond the seeker functions, DSALS has the computational and interface resources to simplify the integration with inertial sensors and IMUs for strap-down configurations, and other devices such as GPS for dual mode functionality. For an extremely compact solution, DSALS can also assume the guidance, navigation, and control processing without compromising any seeker capabilities for multi-mode operations. 

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome.


  • Package: Can be packaged into 40mm diameter body
  • Gun launch qualified to 35,000 Gs
*Customized packaging can be provided upon request. 
Operating Temperature Range:
  • 10Fº to 160Fº  At time of launch
*If a higher or lower operating temperature is required, please specify at the time of the order and the delivered units will be tested and certified prior to delivery.
  • 1065 nm Detector
  • < 4 Watts Power
  • Single 5 – 15 V Supply
  • 3 Gain Settings
  • Selectable Tracking Modes with Clutter Rejection
  • Optional IMU Integration
  • Packaging to 30mm Diam. x 50mm L
  • Custom Configurations 
Supported Data Interfaces:
Software Hosting Resources:
  • Compatible with all 1064 nm designators 
  • High, medium, and low gain modes 
  • 25 degree field of view* 
  • 20 degree linear region* 
  • Total system power less than 4 watts

*Optical system designs can provide different options for FOV and linear regions to meet system requirements.