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Capacitively Coupled Link INST-14---$Call

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Brian Tacke 540-374-1000 x118

Capacitively Coupled Link

The Capacitively Coupled Link is a special application module that transfers data between assemblies rotating or spinning relative to each other with no friction. Typical applications include transmitting data across blind assemblies, between assemblies with a very high spin rate relative to each other, and as a replacement for slip rings where no friction or contact bounce can be tolerated. Unlike optically coupled data links, the transmitting side requires no power assuming the data formatted in BIO-L at 1MHz. For unidirectional data transmission, the Capacitively Coupled Link module behaves like a hard wire connection and is just as reliable.

This compact module is small enough to fit into small projectiles or NATO standard fuzes and, when properly mounted, can survive gun launch shocks of up to 20,000 G's. It has been extensively ground and flight tested at delta spin rates from 0 to ±300 rps (18,000 rpm).

The standard module is unidirectional, however half duplex modules are available on special order.

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations and data formats are welcome.

Specifications, Standard Module

Maximum Gap (between Transmitter and receiver): ≥0.125 inches
Relative Rotational Velocity: 0 to >>±300 rps (18,000 rpm)

No Electronics
Machined Brass Plate, 0.75” diameter, designed for shock mounting
Input Impedance: 2.55pF@ 0.05”*
Data Input: 3.3V Logic Level, 500 Kbits/sec (1 MHz) BIO-L
Gun Launch Shock: up to 20,000Gs**
*Depends on separation distance
**Properly Mounted

Single 1.125” Square Circuit Board
Machined Brass Plate, 0.75” diameter, mounted on the circuit board and designed for shock mounting
Operating Voltage: 3.3 VDC
Data Output: 3.3V Logic Level, 500 Kbits/sec (1 MHz) BIO-L
Gun Launch Shock: up to 20,000Gs*
*Properly Mounted