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INST-20D BLU-FUZE Enhanced Artillery ICD

Product No: INST-20D

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BLU-FUZE Enhanced Artillery

The BLU-Fuze Series In-Flight Telemetry Systems provide an extensive selection of shock hardened sensors to measure in-bore and in-flight performance of mortars and projectiles. All BLU-Fuze configurations include an integrated S-Band telemetry transmitter and antenna which relays the measured data to a ground station. The typical range of the telemetry exceeds 20,000 meters. The BLU-Fuze is conveniently packaged in the NATO standard fuze envelope for either artillery or mortar rounds so that it can add flight instrumentation and telemetry to a wide variety of munitions without any modifications to the munitions themselves. The BLU-Fuze is simple to use. The BLU-Fuze is activated when the battery pack is attached to the fuze body. The BLU-Fuze is then screwed into the fuze well of the projectile to be tested. Once activated, the BLU-Fuze will run for more than 45 minutes, providing ample time to verify the telemetry link, acquire GPS, load, and launch the projectile.  Data is stored and transmitted after the round clears the bore beginning 100 msec before detection of the launch event.

Unlike many competing flight instrumentation systems, software and technical support for decoding and analyzing the data is included in the purchase price.

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome.


  • Package: Compatible with the NATO standard fuze (round nose)  
*Customized packaging can be provided upon request. 
Operating Temperature Range:
  • 40Fº to 90Fº  At time of launch
*If a higher or lower operating temperature is required, please specify at the time of the order and the delivered units will be tested and certified prior to delivery.
Telemetry Transmitter:
  • Carrier Frequency: S-Band, 2.205GHz to 2.295GHz, user specified at the time of order in 500kHz increments
  • Carrier Frequency Accuracy:  ±50 ppm all causes
  • RF Power Output: 0.33 watts, typical Data Rate: 2Mbit/sec Data Encoding Format: Standard format is Biφ-L, R-NRL on request
High-G Three Axis Accelerometer
  • Range: 0 to 20,000Gs  
  • Resolution: 14 bits  
  • Update Rate: 64ks/sec for 100msec after detection of acceleration, continually interleaved with the data stream during the flight.
Low-G Three Axis Accelerometer:  
  • Range: 0 to ±50Gs
  • Resolution: ≤0.1G
  • Update Rate: 4ks/sec 
Three axis magnetometer:  
  • Spin Rate Accuracy: ≤ 0.01Hz* (flight path not within ±10 degrees of magnetic North or South)*  
  • Attitude Precision:  ≥1 degree magnetic, typical  
  • Update Rate: 4ks/sec  
*Depends on the accuracy of the data reduction computer clock
GPS Receiver:
  • Position Accuracy: 10 meters, 2D RMS *  
  • Altitude Accuracy: < ± 35m Vertical in term of 95% *
  • Velocity Accuracy:  ± 0.1 meters/second *  
  • Time to first fix after launch: <2 to 30 sec**  
  • Time: 1 usec synchronized to GPS time GPS
  • Update Rate: 5 Hz.
  • Telemeter Data Rate: 5Hz.  
*Commercial GPS Accuracy. The actual accuracy obtained is dependant upon the GPS satellite sky pattern.  
**Assumes the BLU-fuze is allowed to obtain a fix before loading and firing. The time to first fix after launch depends on the launch velocity, GPS satellite sky pattern, how quickly the BLU-fuze is loaded and fired, and whether or not GPS acquisition is maintained during the period prior to launch. 


Standard Configuration:

  • S-Band Telemetry Transmitter and Antenna
  • High-G three axis accelerometer for in-bore shocks and accelerations
  • Low-G three axis accelerometer for in-flight accelerations
  • Three axis magnetometer for measuring spin rate and attitude
  • GPS Receiver & Antenna for measuring projectile position, velocity, and altitude determination
  • Eight external analog input channels, 12 bit resolution, up to 50K samples/sec, user specified interface
  • One Battery Pack
  • Decoding Software