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INST-17W1 BLU-BIRD Wireless Controller ICD

Product No: INST-17W1

*Formerly P/N: RAY-WA-12C9P

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Brian Tacke 540-374-1000 x118

BLU-BIRD Wireless Controller

The BLU-BIRD Wireless Control Module is designed to be used with the BLU-BIRD Sensor Module when mated with the BLU-BIRD family of On Board Recorders.  The Wireless Control Module turns the Sensor Module and Blue Bird OBR power ON and OFF via a wireless command from the Wireless OBR Control Box. It also relays the battery voltage and current which is displayed on the Wireless OBR Control Box screen.

The Wireless Control Module requires only 30 micro amps from the OBR battery when in the “sleep” mode - listening for a command to wake up the OBR and Sensor Module. This extremely low power requirement allows the test vehicle to be assembled days or even weeks before a test event, or allows the OBR to be turned ON and OFF wirelessly during captive carry testing.    

The Wireless Control Module is assembled with one of four addresses such that up to four Modules can be controlled individually by the Wireless OBR Control Box.

The Wireless Control Module operates at 915 MHz and has an SMA connector for the antenna and it mates with the 25 pin pass-through connector on the BLU-BIRD Sensor Module.  

The BLU-BIRD Wireless Control Module is not a single use item. Provided that it is mechanically protected by the airframe upon which it rides, the BLU-BIRD Sensor Module can be recovered and used again. Some users have supported more than a dozen tests with a single BLU-BIRD Wireless Control Module.

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome.