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INST-17IM-6 BLU-BIRD Differential Rate-Gyro Interface Module ICD

Product No: INST-17IM-6


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Brian Tacke 540-374-1000 x118

BLU-BIRD Differential Rate-Gyro Interface Module

The BLU-BIRD Differential Rate Gyro Interface Module is designed to condition data from external sources for interfacing with the BLU-BIRD family of On Board Recorders (OBRs).  It is powered by the Blu-Bird OBR and can provide conditioned power to the external IMU as well. 

BLU-BIRD Interface Modules include all required cables as well as integration into the customer's airframe.

Like the BLU-BIRD OBRs, the BLU-BIRD Differential Rate-Gyro Interface Module is not a single use item. Provided that it is mechanically protected by the airframe upon which it rides, the BLU-BIRD  Interface Module can be recovered and used again.

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome.