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Product No: INST-80



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BLU-BIRD OBR Control Box

The BLU-BIRD OBR Control Box allows easy configuration, data download, and interface testing of the INST-17 data recorders.  Large displays and clearly labeled switches make the device simple and easy to use. 

The BLU-BIRD OBR Control Box includes an internal battery pack which consists of eight easy to obtain and replace AA batteries. It will run from the internal batteries for tens of hours, but also has a USB connector and options for external power on the front panel.

The BLU_BIRD OBR Control Box is shipped in a rugged and waterproof Pelican® case so that it can be taken to remote test sites without fear of damage.  It can be operated while inside the Pelican® case by simply opening the lid and plugging in cables, or it can be removed from the case if desired. 

Not exactly what you need? Requests for custom configurations are welcome.


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