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BlaserBeam Workstation Laser
Green: FS-9G
Blue: FS-9B

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BlazerBeam LatentMaster Workstation Lasers

Sometimes, less is better - less weight, less price, less eye hazard. Sometimes more is better - more battery life. All with true laser performance.

There is a myth that the higher the laser power, the better the results. This is only true when illuminating a large area or in high ambient lighting. In the laboratory, high power lasers are too big, too heavy, too expensive, and the high power is generally not necessary. Until now, there was no alternative available.

LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers fill the need for a low cost, lower power laser for the laboratory workstation.

The LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers are available in two wavelengths, 525nm (green) and 445nm (blue). The green laser produces 1 watt of 525nm green laser light, and the LatentMaster BlazerBeam blue laser produces 1.25 watts of 445nm blue laser light. One watt of laser light is more than sufficient to brightly fluoresce any dye stained latent fingerprints as well as untreated latents, body fluids, fibers, and other contaminants that fluoresce under laser light. These low cost lasers are the ideal laser companion for the LatentMaster 16MP workstation.

LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers are light and small - only 7.4lb, 6” tall, 5” wide, and 10” deep, including an internal battery pack that will run the lasers for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. The LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers can also be powered from an external 110V - 240V universal power supply/battery charger, which is included.

The LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers are virtually instant ON, so they only need to be switched ON while actively searching or photographing evidence and can be switched OFF when not needed. This means that the LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers’ internal battery pack is effective for very long time.

LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers are the lowest priced forensic lasers on the market. Now, even a small laboratory can afford both green and blue true laser light. The light weight, extreme portability, instant ON, and long battery life means that LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers can quickly and easily be moved around the laboratory, servicing multiple work areas. For high volume, multiple workstation laboratories, low price means that a set of LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers can be dedicated to each workstation.

The LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers are so light and portable that they can easily be taken to, and used at, a crime scene. While a high power laser is useful for flooding a large area under high ambient light conditions, a truly thorough inspection requires a close examination of potential evidence in both green and blue laser light with reduced lighting. The LatentMaster BlazerBeam lasers are ideal for this application.

LatentMaster BlazerBeam Specifications

Green Laser Type:

Diode Pumped Neodymium-YAG, Class IV, 525nm (green), CW, <1.25 Watts

Blue Laser Type:

Solid State, Class IV, 445nm (blue), CW, <1.5 Watts


6” tall, 5” wide, 10” deep, 7.4 lb,

Power Supply:

Internal rechargeable batteries and 100-240VAC external battery charger/power supply (included)

Light Output Mechanism:

18” semi-rigid fiber optic gooseneck with adjustable lens

Beam Diameter:

≈ 6cm diameter at 20 cm (lens not attached); ≈ 0.02W/cm^2 average power density

Battery Life:

2 hours and 45 minutes continuous operation, typical.

Startup Time:

Less than 0.1 second

Operating Temperature:

Continuous operation between 40 degrees F and 90 degrees F ambient

Relative Humidity:

5% to 90%, non-condensing

Safety Features:

Keylock power enable switch, one pair safety glasses included



Additional Safety Glasses

Multi-Band Laser Safety Glasses (suitable for IR, Green, and Blue Lasers)

Pelican Case

Circular Threaded Red Camera Filter (for green laser), specify diameter

Circular Threaded Orange Camera Filter (for blue laser), specify diameter