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Product No: NV-1

NV-1B Model 2040 – $Call Gen II Intensified Camera
NV-1C Model 2040/III – $Call Gen III Intensified Camera
Model 2040 Control Box – $Call for Gen II or Gen III

2040 series night vision camera

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Mike Thorsted 540-374-1000 x114

2040 Series Gated Intensified CCD Camera Systems

The NVS 2040 series cameras are a single piece unit with automatic control of intensifier gate width for all lighting conditions. The 2040 series cameras have an RS-232 interface and are available with a high resolution Gen II or Gen III intensifier, which are 18mm in diameter and have a custom wrap-around power supply that allows external gain control. Each camera can be controlled via computer or an optional control box, and may be used with any RS-170 frame grabber digital analysis system.

The lens interface is 1” C-Mount.  A lens is not included with the camera.

Available options include:
  1. Peltier cooling, which reduces the intensifier temperature 35ºC below ambient
  2. An S-20 photocathode for shifting the intensifier response into the UV spectrum (180nm to 830nm response)
  3. Software controlled variable gate trigger delay


   Model 2040 (Gen II)    Model 2040/III (Gen III)
Intensifier Type:            DEP XX2050 (XD-4), P-43 phosphor           ITT FS9911C, P-43 phosphor
Spectral Sensitivity: 350nm to 920nm   400nm to 940nm
Luminous Gain (2850ºK): 30,000 typ. to 50,000 max   50,000 typ. to 80,000 max
Gate Modes: Auto, internal, external   Auto, internal, external
Gate Width: 20ns to 34ms (up to 300kHz rep. rate)   20ns to 34ms (up to 20kHz rep. rate)
Gain Control: Zero to max gain, 10 turn pot   Zero to max gain, 10 turn pot
5 x 10-5 lux full video, 1 x 10-6 lux useable video   1 x 10-5 lux full video, 5 x 10-7 lux useable video


 CCD Camera   Miscellaneous
Sensor:           Sony ICX-082                    Input Power, Camera with Control Box:          
110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
CCD Pixels: 768(H) x 494(V)   Input Power, Camera Alone: 12VDC*
Noise Figure: >60dB   Camera Size/Weight: 118mm x 54mm x 66mm, 0.45kg
Output Signal: RS-170 (NTSC)   Controller Size: 215mm x 165mm x 63mm
Sync: Genlock or crystal controlled   Lens Mount: 1” format, C-Mount with back focus adjustment
VD and HD:            
TTL level   Options: Peltier cooler (reduces intensifier temp. by 35ºC)
        S-20 photocathode for UV (180-830nm response)
        Software controlled variable gate trigger delay

*A 110-240VAC to 12VDC Wall Power Supply is included when the camera is purchased without the Control Box.