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16 Mega-Pixel Digital RUVIS Camera FS-8

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16 Mega-Pixel Digital RUVIS Full Spectrum Camera

The new Syntronics 16MP (16 megapixel) Digital RUVIS (Reflective Ultra-Violet Imaging System) Full Spectrum Camera captures 254nm images with true HD quality.  With 1,000 PPI (pixels per inch) over a 4.9” by 3.3” area, you now have more than enough resolution to capture a palmprint.

The Syntronics 16MP Digital RUVIS will digitally capture a high resolution UV image electronically and display it in real time.  What you see is what you get.  No more photographing a grainy, low resolution, green image from a handheld RUVIS with a digital camera.  No more blind photography with a UV sensitive film camera in an attempt to get a high resolution UV image.  In fact, the Syntronics 16MP Digital RUVIS has higher resolution than UV sensitive film!

The Syntronics 16MP Digital RUVIS isn’t just for 254nm UV.  It covers the spectrum from 200nm UV to 1100nm IR.  Examine latent fingerprints, hair, body fluids, fibers, documents and other forensic evidence in real time over a broad spectrum, UV to Visible to IR, using various light sources and filters*.

The Syntronics 16MP Digital RUVIS includes a 78mm UV lens, 254nm bandpass filter, and Syntronics’ Digital RUVIS Software. The 16MP can be mounted on your camera stand or tripod and connected to your existing laptop or desktop computer.  The Syntronics 16MP Digital RUVIS is compatible with any computer that has a Firewire interface.  Don’t have a Firewire interface?  An EC, PCMCIA, or PC card Firewire adapter will be included with the 16MP Digital RUVIS if specified on the purchase order.



 Resolution: 16 million pixels  Frame Rate: 1.5 fps @ full resolution
 Spectral Sensitivity: 200nm to 1100nm  Integration Time: 1ms to 60 seconds
 Aspect Ratio: ≈ 3 to 2  Electrical Interface:  Firewire (IEEE 1394)
 Lens: 78mm with T-mount              
 Mechanical Interface:  Standard 1/4-20 mount
 Optical Filter: 254nm bandpass  Software: Syntronics Digital RUVIS Software


*An optional filter set covering 365nm UV to 830nm IR is also available.  If you need a complete solution, the LatentMasterTM 16MP Workstation (FS-1) includes an all-in-one computer with a high resolution display, optical filter set, UV lens, UV lamp, camera stand, and LatentMaster software along with the Syntronics 16MP Digital RUVIS Camera.