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  • CoronaFinder Image of a High-Voltage Arc

  • CoronaFinder

  • Big Eyes Night Vision Converter

  • Min-I-Cam

  • Model 2071 Camera

  • Model 2040 Controller

  • Safety Sentry

  • UV Viewer on Tripod Stand

Building Technologies for Bringing Criminals to Justice


Syntronics Night Vision Systems Division develops and manufactures state of the art image intensified cameras for Homeland Security, aviation, and security surveillance. We specialize in custom low light level image acquisition systems. Because we are small and have a basic product line, we are able to respond quickly to the specific needs of our customers by adapting our standard product line to meet requirements.

Our 2040 series night vision camera is one example. This model features automatic intensifier gate control for all lighting conditions. These have an RS-232 interface with high resolution 18 mm Gen II or Gen III intensifiers. Each camera can be computer controlled and may be used with any RS-170 frame grabber digital analysis system.

Syntronics also manufacturs a 16 MP real time camera for detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints.  This device is used by the FBI and other police departments world wide.  We manufacture RUVIS device for inspection of crime scenes.

Another example is our CoronaFinder for inspection of high voltage equipment.  This valuable piece of test equipment is used world wide for detecting thelocation of corona produced when insulation deteriorates and arcing first occurs.  CoronaFiner is sensitive to UV light produced by corona discharge.

For more information contact Mike Thorsted (mthorsted@syntronics.net)  540-374-1000 X114.

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