• BLU-FUZE Telemetry System

  • Micro S-Band Transmitter with Antenna

  • Standard S-Band Transmitter

  • 60 Channel High Speed Data Recorder

  • 60 Channel High Speed Data Recorder with Environmental Control System Disassembled

  • BLU-BIRD On-Board-Recorder

  • Miniature (2 cm cube) Data Recorder for Tire Research

  • Flex Circuit for micro-miniature OBR

  • Custom Telemetry Assembly

Bringing Your Data Back from the Mission


Syntronics Instrumentation Division provides products for collection, storage, and transmission of engineering test data.  We offer three basic products:  1) an On-Board-Recorder (OBR), 2) a compact telemetry system, and 3) a high speed multi-channel data recording and storage device.  The OBR and telemetry products were designed as flight recorders for projectiles and missiles.  They are capable of being gun launched at 20,000 Gs.  The multi-channel data recorder is primarily for collection of data on the ground.  Since it was originally designed for data collection in crash dummies, it is capable of operating in harsh environments.  All of these products can be modified quickly to meet our customers' specific requirements.  We manufacture a variety of S-Band, gun hardened telemetry transmitters from 1/4 watt to 5 watt transmitters.  Many of our designs are custom, tailored to exactly what out customer's require, and usually delivered in 4 weeks or less.

For More information contact Brian Tacke (btacke@syntronics.net)  540-374-1000 X118.

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