Machine Shop Capabilities

Corporate Capabilities

Syntronics has a long history developing custom made parts for a wide spectrum of commercial and government customers.  The combination of our CNC machine shop and our design engineering house means that we can go from concept to design to part in record time.  No more waiting 30 days to get a prototype.  Replace that 30 day wait with 2 days!  We can also make solid models from prints or back of the envelope sketches or take your models and deliver parts in record time.  If you prefer we can even provide tool paths so you can produce parts on your CNC equipment.

Unique to our facility is the availability of electronics and computer engineering support.  So if your project involves more than metal parts, we have the capibility to meet your needs.  Click on the link to the right to download a brochure to get a better idea of the many capabilities we have to offer.

We use SolidWorks for design and MasterCam to produce our CNC tool paths

Syntronics is an ISO9001:2008 facility.

Call or e-mail for information or a quote.  Buddy Lauer (540-374-1000 X112)


Syntronics Machine Shop Facility specializes in  quick reaction manufacturing and rapid prototyping services.  We can build to print, design and manufacture your parts for you, or integrate with you design team to facilitate rapid prototyping.


Our customers include Government and commercial.  A partial list includes:


General Dynamics

Alliant Tech

U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, FBI



Hydro Quebec


Syntronics builds precision aerospace components for several major weapon programs.  Some examples are Small Diameter Bomb for the F-35 Joint strike Fighter Aircraft and sophisticated gun-launchable sensors for Excalibur.  These systems  contain multiple sophisticated subassemblies that have been designed and manufactured by Syntronics.  

Most of these parts are electronics, sensors, and guidance & control systems for use on projectiles, missiles, mortars, UAVs, and small caliber munitions.  The electronics / mechanical packages are shock hardened to 20,000 Gs and above, and are uniquely designed according to the customer’s requirements.


The Instrumentation Division provides products for collection, storage, and transmission of engineering test data.

The Multi-Channel Data Recorder above was originally designed for use on crash dummies, and thus operates in harsh environments, shown above. 



Syntronics has experience machining specialty materials such as titanium, tungsten, and PEEK.  

The assembly below was designed and manufactured by Syntronics.  Materials include a tungsten body, a PEEK raydome, and a 7076-T6 lower body.  In this application structural integrity and mass properties were made to exacting standards. 

The portable forensics laboratory below was designed and manufactured at Syntronics.  This ruggedized portable system is used by special forces and takes a beating.  We machined special mini-cell foam that keeps fragile optical and electronic equipment from getting damaged during transport.